10 Greatest Water-Based Scenes In Movie History

6. "I'm On Drugs!" - Almost Famous (2000)

url-16 Cameron Crowe's 2000 release Almost Famous depicts the semi-autobiographical story of William Miller, a high-schooler who goes on sabbatical to tour with a rock group called Stillwater. For his Rolling Stone article on the band, William intends on setting out to write an objective piece about an up-and-coming classic rock band. Instead, his relationship with the band becomes a bit too personal, and with those friendships, more complicated. Later in the film, William attends a house party with the band's guitarist Russell Hammond (Billy Crudup). Hammond, who has been sleeping with Kate Hudson's enigmatic Penny Lane, gets drunk on keg beer, along with some acid to boot. The camera cuts to Hammond standing on a rooftop above an outdoor pool, drugged up and drunk, screaming that he's a golden god. Though William tries to talk him down, Hammond shouts at him that he can tell Rolling Stone that his dying words were "I'm on drugs!" The musician pauses, trying to think of something more profound. Unfortunately, his dim-witted mind can only come up with "I dig music, man." When that fails to rouse the audience he's accrued, he shouts "I'm on drugs!" one more time before plunging into the pool below.
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