10 Hardest-To-Watch Scenes In Cinema History

5. "Ass To Ass" - Requiem For A Dream

If there was ever a movie to be used as an advertisement against drug use, it's Darren Aronofsky's plainly depressing Requiem For A Dream - a motion picture that contains approximately eighty-seven very uncomfortable and very distressing scenes. The worst of the bunch, and one of the most hard-to-watch movie scenes of all-time, has been nicknamed "Ass to Ass" by those who know it. In said scene, the tragic protagonist Marion (Jennifer Connelly) is subjected to a scenario so inherently despicable that you never, ever want to experience it again once you've sat through it once. So what happens? Essentially, Marion meets up with a pimp who promises to score her some drugs if she partakes in a sex show for a bunch of creepy businessmen. The scene is shot in a purposely disorienting way that only serves to make it all the more humiliating for Marion, who - at one point - is made to sit with her buttocks against another girl's as a dildo is inserted between them both. In all, it's one of the nastiest sequences you'll ever see.

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