10 Harry Potter Characters Who Totally Messed Up

Because everyone makes mistakes, even when there's magic involved

Even the most loyal of Harry Potter fans should be able to admit that there are a whole bunch of characters in J K Rowling's books that just didn't quite reach their true potential. Forget Harry and his amazing defeat of the most evil entity in the wizarding world; some of Rowling's creations just didn't quite pull their finger out in order to achieve their dreams. Or help Harry in his time of need. Or chose Voldemort over Harry from the very beginning. Or betrayed the hero for stupid reasons... Poor Rowling; how many things has she had to apologise over in the last few years following the crazy criticism and analysis over the best selling fantasy series? From the proposition of Dumbledore being gay, to the killing of Fred Weasley, the poor woman never stops being hassled over small oversights in her novels. Today we look at some of the more interesting reasons why some of her characters, be they good or bad, made poor decisions in order to move the HP plot along. Here's to all the characters who made mistakes, and who messed up well enough in their wizarding world activities to make it onto this list.
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