10 Harsh Truths About The MCU Fans Won't Admit

Can we at least agree that the Disney Plus shows are adequate at best?

Captain Marvel
Marvel Studios

Let's just take a moment and be grateful for the MCU.

A tapestry of interconnected films and properties woven into one shared universe and spanning well over a decade, is no small task to pull off, but Marvel Studios (and Disney) hit the bullseye and have been riding an exciting momentum.

Who'd have thought a handful of tiny superhero films and then one unity all those years ago, would blow up into a world-reaching franchise that is guaranteed to make big bucks at the box office and draw in the biggest movie stars of the day.

While we can talk forever about how great the franchise is, there are issues now that have sprouted like weeds ever since the aforementioned Infinity Saga ended. The third and final phase bowed out, and as if audiences and fans finished a three course meal, they were ready to rest and let time pass.

But Marvel wasn't stopping there, and so a new saga has already begun with all kinds of speculations and a raincloud of new characters has descended upon us. As excited as we should be, there are some things that don't sit right. These issues have been looming like a bad smell ever since we saw the Infinity Saga wind down, actors stepped down from roles and a new era of Marvel movies began.

As the MCU moves forward with a new epic draw of films and TV shows, here are ten of the biggest issues facing this shared realm right now.

10. Recasting Characters Won't Go Down Well

Captain Marvel

Let's start as we mean to go along, with harsh but petty truths.

For nearly 20 years, superhero fans watched and grew up with Australian hunk Hugh Jackman and English thespian Sir Patrick Stewart playing two of the most iconic X-Men characters in existence. You might even say that audiences couldn't picture anyone else popping claws and donning a Cerebro helmet, but if Disney's plan is anything to go by, that fact is about to become a reality very soon.

Casting announcements for beloved fictional characters has never gone down well; just ask Robert Pattinson and Daniel Craig. Still, audiences have grown to love new representations, and while we can be sure whomever will take on the mantle of Cyclops, Magneto or Storm will do a cracking job, they're already on the backfoot because a sect of fandom and critics will compare their portrayals to what's gone before.

Don't believe it? Read any review of Batman V Superman and see if anyone doesn't compare Ben Affleck to Christian Bale.

Even at the beginning of the whole process, when Comic Con and Disney Galas make grand announcements, audiences and die-hard fans will have their ultimate fancast of actors in their heads for new roles. Whoever the full roster of X-Men and Fantastic Four actors will be, all the best to them because if one character appears miscast, all hell will break loose.

This is more of a slant on the toxic fans than the MCU, but no matter how calm and casual a fan claims to be, they won't be happy either way.

Which brings us to...


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