10 Hidden Details You Never Noticed In Famous Movie Posters

The Dark Knight's Joker poster has a real taste for the theatrical...

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Poster

Movie posters are dotted about everywhere. We see them in cinemas, when cinemas are actually open (sobs heavily), but we also see them on billboards, social media platforms, webpage ads, in train stations, and on the side of buses - you name it.

However, because few people are inclined to stare intently at a poster for more than a few moments (something that's become especially true over the last couple of years, with poster designs becoming more generic and less compelling) we often miss the small details and references that many of these one-sheets include.

It could be a small easter egg in the background that you'd only notice if you zoomed right in, or perhaps the poster, as a whole, contains some sort of hidden meaning incorporated into its design, one that's easy to miss with only a quick look.

Whatever the case, things like this aren't easy to spot, and even with those iconic posters that you've probably seen a thousand times over the years - from The Dark Knight to James Bond - you might have missed these subtle details.

10. Car Country (Cars 2)

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Poster

Disney-Pixar's Cars franchise takes place in a world that's a slightly modified version of our own. There are shops, stadiums, and hotels, just like you'd find in real life - the only difference is that they're all designed to be used by sentient vehicles.

The franchise also likes to take ordinary elements of the environment, and give them a vehicular spin: there are clouds shaped like tyre tracks, and cliffs that are shaped like bits of machinery. This decision to make the world more stylized subtly conveys the unusual nature of the Cars reality, and the poster for Cars 2 plays a similar trick.

The main one-sheet for the 2011 sequel shows the movie's logo resting in front of an enormous globe, which, at a glance, looks quite normal.

However, if you look a little closer, you can see that some of the countries scattered across the globe are shaped like cars. There's one just below the "C" in the title, and another directly above the "S", jutting off from the United Kingdom.

Even more subtle is the country that's shaped like Mater, the bumbling tow truck. It's somewhere in the image above, so see if you can spot it!


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