10 Hidden Horror Movie Gems Nobody Talks About

These diamond-in-the-rough horror movies NEED to be seen.

Afflicted Movie
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There are more horror movies released in any given year that even the most die-hard genre hounds can keep track of, and even once you're separated the wheat from the chaff, it's impossible to see every single great horror film that comes out.

And so, it's inevitable that many fantastic horror movies without massive marketing budgets end up slipping through the cracks, no matter if they've received rave reviews on the festival circuit.

Even though horror fans tend to be an adventurous, eager bunch, keen to explore the genre's back catalogue and seek out hidden gems, it has to be said that they've failed to bring these ten horror flicks to well-deserved prominence.

Whether recently released or decades old, these absolute diamond-in-the-rough horror movies are almost never discussed by champions of the genre online, which given their general inventiveness, cleverness, and unforgettable execution, is a damn shame.

It goes without saying, if you haven't seen any of these films before, you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice to sleep on them any longer. Watch them, and then tell all your horror-loving friends about them...

10. Chained

Afflicted Movie
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It's truly bizarre that David Lynch's daughter, Jennifer Chambers Lynch, made a nasty, grimy little horror flick back in 2012 and yet barely anybody took any notice at all.

Chained stars Vincent D'Onofrio as Bob, a ruthless serial killer who has kept one of his victim's sons, Rabbit (Eamon Farren), chained up as a prisoner in his home, with designs to train him to become a murderer just like him.

It's a tantalising premise and one which Lynch engages with while pulling no punches, even if there's enough nuanced character development here to ensure that Chained never devolves into purely tacky exploitation schlock.

Though it's not terribly surprising to anyone who's ever seen D'Onofrio act, the man knocks this deeply twisted role right out of the park. He's likewise impressively matched by the efforts of then-newcomer Eamon Farren, whose portrayal of a broken young man on the brink feels as authentic as it does unsettling.

Lean and mean in all the right ways, Chained proves that in terms of the Lynch family's filmmaking nous, the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

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