10 Highest Rated Action Films Of 2015

What a lovely list!

There's been a fair amount on offer this year from the world of action-adventure; some of it good, some of it great, and some of it... not so much. What is nice is that where the lines of what constitutes an action film have become so blurred, audiences can enjoy a variety of genres and styles that satisfy that thirst for frenetic action and copious amounts of violence. This year we've had action films that encompass the standard sci-fi, superhero fare, as well as the lesser-seen Westerns and crime thrillers. The joy, of course, is that audiences don't have to choose; we can take or leave as many or as little of these flicks as it takes to sufficiently satiate our appetites, with the diversity in genre keeping us all interested, if not always completely content. Rotten Tomatoes will be the basis for the ratings on this list, and there are definitely some surprises in store; what stood out to me was that the lowest rating on the list, which comes in at #10 on a highest rated list, is only 74% Fresh(!); an indication that perhaps this year's crop of actioners really wasn't up to snuff. That said there were still two huge treats for us in multiplexes; some little ditty about an ancient, far-off space battle, and another film about a fight for resources that recklessly uses them up in doing so. But what else made up the top ten?

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