10 Hilarious Mistakes You Can't Unsee On Official Movie Posters

Once you've seen Mark Wahlberg's freakishly long legs, you'll never sleep again.


Movie posters have been around about as long as the medium of film itself.

In that time, they've gone from being basic, obligatory marketing tools to works of art in their own right, with the very best able to convey the feel and tone of a movie with a simple, striking image, selling people on something they may not have originally been interested in.

But despite the important role posters can play in a movie's marketing push, they're not always given the time, care or attention that they deserve.

Even the biggest companies are guilty of phoning it in with their posters, with Marvel's jam-packed Spider-Man: Homecoming one-sheet being endlessly mocked on Twitter and Fox's X-Men: First Class producing a series of disgraceful character posters, but being lazy is one thing, and making an accidentally hilarious mistake is another.

From bad Photoshop skills to poor compositing and even missing imagery, the amount of errors that sneak their way onto official, studio-approved (presumably) movie posters is genuinely shocking.

On the plus side, these errors are quite funny. The poster artist probably isn't laughing, but we definitely are...


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