10 Hilarious Movie Gags Everyone Missed

Space-Lord? Who?

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Chris Pratt
Marvel Studios

Easter eggs and secret details can really elevate the moviegoing experience, imbuing unexpected additional meaning into an already great movie and confirming just how much thought the filmmakers put into everything.

And the same is true when it comes to comedy, too. After all, writing a great joke or sight gag is arguably more difficult than crafting a serious, dramatic beat, and to do so in a way that's both funny and subtle is even more challenging.

These 10 movies, whether out-and-out comedies or more serious-minded films with humorous moments, all delivered slow-creep gags that audiences only discovered years or perhaps even decades after the fact.

It's possible you've seen some of these movies dozens of times and not picked up on these sly jokes, which while largely hidden in plain sight, require superhuman observational skills and a little dash of luck to catch.

They probably won't change everything you think you know about these movies, but they sure as hell will make you laugh...


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