10 Hilariously Obvious Stand-Ins Who Ruined Their Scenes

9. Jack Geller - Friends

Obvious Extra

First off, let us clear the air on this entry and say that Elliot Gould is a treasure, so we won’t hear a bad word about The Long Goodbye star despite his occasional lack of availability. No one can say for sure why the thespian who plays Ross and Monica’s dad, Jack Geller, wasn’t around for some scenes, but we’re sure he had good reason.

Perhaps he hit the gym to get ready for the hard work of carrying the disastrous NBC sitcom Mulaney on his back. In any case, the (very expensive) arrival of the classic nineties sitcom on streaming giant Netflix recently led a lot of long-time fans to a nostalgic re-watch.

It was then that the Internet at large noticed that, in the episode The One In Massapequa, Jack Geller was replaced by a stand-in who is off-the-charts unrecognizable. In fact, were it not for his positioning in the scene, a casual observer probably wouldn’t realize the stand-in was even intended to replace the absent Gould.

His suit changes between shots, along with his face, hair, and height—and that’s not even getting into the pair of glasses which magically appear on his face!


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