10 Hilariously Obvious Stunt Doubles Who Ruined Their Scenes

Actors don't tend to enjoy doing anything strenuous or life threatening.

James Bond Bad Extra 2
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Despite being paid millions, actors don't tend to enjoy doing anything strenuous or life-threatening, so we often get to see scenes starring charlatans who masquerade as our favourite actors to preserve their health.

This is usually fine, especially in modern films where doubles are hidden well by people who clearly know what they're doing most of the time, but even now it's possible to get glimpses of these deceptive strangers, wigged up and looking nothing like who they're supposed to.

Any stunt double caster will inevitably face a similar set of questions... Is he willing to roll around on broken glass, and get all sweaty when our prima-donna stars refuse to do even the slightest physical activity? Check. Do they look like the stars they're supposed to be doubling? Well... no, not exactly. Ah well, close enough.

In the pre-internet, pre-pause button age, it was wholly possible to get away with sticking a man in a dress, and rolling him down a hill quickly, hoping noone's eyes are nimble enough to catch the obvious moustache and hair knuckles. But no more! Now that home audiences have been invested with the ability to scroll anally through every frame of their favourite movies, in the hope of stumbling upon an unseen slip or Easter Egg that will make them an internet celebrity for a few nanoseconds, even the slightest mistake is picked up and amplified perversely.

So, with that in mind, here are the moments in famous movies when stunt doubles were all too visible in their respective scenes, captured and amplified for your general amusement.

Honourable Mention


Spaceballs Extras

The example that subverts the trope, Spaceballs hilariously played off the very silliness in focus here, deploying a rag-tag bunch of painfully obvious stunt doubles to stand in for the real cast, in their arrest scene, and allowing the real cast to escape.

And as strange as a man smoking a cigar, dressed as a princess might seem, it wasn't all that far from the truth for the first film on this list...


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