10 Hollywood Stars Who Got REALLY Angry When They Didn't Win An Oscar

Sore loser doesn't even begin to cover it.

Bill Murray Oscars
The Academy

It's safe to say that most people who work in film harbour at least a tiny bit of ambition to one day win an Oscar.

Whether you're an actor, a director, a cinematographer, a composer, or even the person who makes all the sandwiches, you've no doubt dreamt of one day having your name read out and collecting that famous statuette.

Naturally then, it can be a crushing blow to not win one, especially if you've been nominated. Still, never mind, eh? Best thing to do now is just brush yourself off, compliment the person who beat you, and try again next year.

That would be the classiest course of action.

That's not what these ten thought. These ten woke up and chose violence.

From pulling funny faces at the ceremony itself, to making disparaging comments in interviews, to trying to storm out of the hall, these ten losers made zero effort to hide just how ticked off they were at not being named the winner.

Is there anything more grimly satisfying than watching a very famous and successful person lose their cool on live TV? If there is, then we haven't found it yet.

10. Sally Kirkland

Bill Murray Oscars
The Academy

We begin our journey of bad sportsmanship at the 60th Academy Awards ceremony from 1988.

The Best Actress category was stacked with names like Holly Hunter, Glenn Close, and perpetual nominee Meryl Streep. However, the award went to someone more famous for her musical abilities, as Cher picked up the gong.

Someone who couldn't "Believe" (d'ya get it? It's a Cher pun) that she hadn't won was the other nominee in the category, Sally Kirkland. Up for the title role in the movie Anna, Kirkland clearly thought she had it in the bag, if her face when she lost was anything to go by.

Upon hearing the singer's name being read out, Kirkland swings her head to the right and gives an almighty pout. Then, upon remembering she was on camera, she lights up in the biggest, fakest smile of all time.

The great irony of this situation is that the transition from disappointed to delighted and the fakeness of the entire thing shows just how good of an actor Kirkland really was.

Maybe if she'd have done that in Anna, none of this would have ever happened.


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