10 Horrific Acts Of Child Abuse By Useless Movie Parents

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We all have arguments with our parents, even once we've flown the coup and set up shop for ourselves, but cinema gives us some true perspective into just how lucky we have it; we could have been raised under the careless, abusive, distracted eyes of these movie parents, who above all else just don't seem to give a damn about their kids. Whether acting like they're invisible, ruining them mentally or outright abusing them physically, these 10 parents made the lives of their children enormously difficult, and no doubt caused them to grow up to become psychopaths in most cases. Sit back and marvel that your own parents (probably) didn't treat you quite this badly; here are 10 horrific acts of child abuse by useless movie parents...

10. Mary - Precious

Precious doesn't need any help having a crappy life; she can't read, she's overweight (resulting in her stealing a bucket of chicken from a fast food joint), and lives in relative squalor in New York City. Oh, and before we even get to her tyrant of a mother, her father has raped her numerous times, resulting in countless pregnancies. If you couldn't imagine her mother, Mary, being worse than that, just wait; Mary, angry at her own failings in life, takes it out on Precious constantly, harming her physically and mentally, and wearing her down. She may not have violated Precious in the same way as her father, but the torrent of abuse is more pervasive and frequent, not that the pair seem to be competing or anything... Precious' only refuge is at a special school for kids like her, and in trying to find a way out for both herself and her unborn child. Mary offers little for her child other than a roof over her head and some basic meals; the rest is just pain.

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