10 Horror Film Remakes You Didn't Know Were In The Works

Don't look now, but have you heard what they're remaking next?!

What's old, as they say, is new again. And nothing is so frequently new again as horror, certain elements of which seem to live in a perpetual state of recycling, from remakes and reboots through to sequels, prequels and everything in-between. As you're no doubt already aware, horror icons Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Leatherface are all set to return to their respective franchises after varying years of absence, and we've recently heard that Freddy Krueger is to be rebooted too in another return to Elm Street. Like no other, the horror genre is built on a foundation of remakes, whether it's stone-cold classics like The Thing and The Fly, or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Evil Dead remaking themselves in-between every sequel. While some do ruin it for the rest with their shoddy approach and lack of due care and attention (looking at you, The Fog), there's plenty of others which prove that remakes aren't all bad - The Hills Have Eyes redo, for example, or the surprisingly classy Maniac. With Freddy out of the way, let's take a look at ten other horror remakes and reboots that are currently in the works and in various states of development, some new, some old. No promises regarding quality, though...

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