10 Horror Films That Exist Purely To Shock And Disgust

Made for no other reason than to punish audience members.

When James Wan's breakout film, Saw, was first released back in 2004 it was met with a flurry of unfair criticism. Richard Roeper famously said that it was "nothing but a glorified snuff film" and that he "despised" it for this very reason. Saw also ushered in a new era and introduced a horror movie sub-genre known as "torture porn." However, this isn't really a fair assertion. If you were to re-watch the film today, you€™ll realize that it€™s not the gruesome parade of elaborate traps and mindless display of violence many see it as retroactively. Saw is no more an extreme horror exercise than David Fincher€™s critically lauded Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman thriller, Se7en. However, there are plenty of other films out there that are much more deserving of the "extreme-for-extreme-sake" label. Films that are trying way too hard to be controversial. And that's the topic at hand today. These films and their stories range from a stripper with a sexual vomit fetish to a serial killer who likes to have sex with his victims long after they're dead and rotting. Be warned, some descriptions for the films contain spoilers for emphasis purposes, and are definitely not for the faint of heart. For those of you who wish to continue on, remember to keep some Pepto-Bismol in close proximity.
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