10 Horror Films Perfect For Valentine’s Day

9. The Addams Family

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The Addams Family is the gateway to horror for many a budding young genre fan, and Morticia and Gomez’s deliciously over the top PDA has become legendary in our collective memories.

This 1991 classic deals with all sorts of horror entities, from a Frankenstein-inspired butler, a scuttling severed hand called Thing, a hairy...something, called Cousin It, and multiple murder attempts from children Wednesday, and Pugsley. How The Addams Family manages to keep all of this within the PG bracket is a marvel to behold, mixing the shocking moments with dumb logic in a suitably family-friendly delivery.

What Morticia and Gomez’s affections would look like if the film wasn’t PG is a horror in and of itself. They shower each other with morbid compliments and promises, charming the audience as much as each other. A large part of the characters’ success is due to Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia’s on-point acting.

A family-friendly classic that can be enjoyed by all ages, but be warned; any relationship will be compared with Morticia and Gomez’s OTT affections, so better get your best gothic compliments ready to compete.

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