10 Horror Films That Eerily Came True

10. Scream

Scream Knife
Dimension Films

Wes Craven€™s Scream became an instant classic when it was released in 1996. While being a genuinely solid addition to the slasher genre, it provided a satirical take on the genre's many cliches resulting in a refreshing, highly original horror film. Despite its comedic elements, the film also inspired several real life murders.

In January 1998, 16 year old Mario Padilla and his 14 year old cousin became the centre of a media frenzy surrounding what was referred to as "The Scream Murder." Ramirez confessed to helping hold down Padilla's mother, 37 year old Gina Castillo, as Padilla proceeded to stab her 45 times.

They confessed to being inspired by Scream and its sequel and to planning a murder spree after purchasing two Ghostface costumes and a voice changer like those used in the film. Another notable case was that of Belgian teen Alisson Cambier. One day while visiting her friend and neighbour Thierry Jaradin, she was propositioned by the 24 year old trucker. When she rejected his advances he excused himself to the next room and returned wearing the iconic Ghostface costume and holding two kitchen knives. He stabbed her 30 times, ripping open her left side in the process.

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