10 Horror Legends' Favourite Movies

As far back as he could remember, Guillermo Del Toro always loved Goodfellas.

Goodfellas Guillermo Del Toro
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We all have our favourite horror films and directors, but have you ever wondered what their favourites are? These 10 filmmakers absorbed plenty of films themselves before going on to create iconic work of their own.

The film that gets mentioned the most is Blow-up (1966), with its director Michelangelo Antonioni been mentioned a few times by name. The second most common is Citizen Kane (1941), which may not come as a surprise as it's already considered to be the greatest film by all time by many due to how it revolutionised storytelling.

Some other directors that come up by name and/or film mention frequently are other well-known pioneers of the horror genre. Find out who else they said...

10. Takashi Miike (Master Of Violence)

Goodfellas Guillermo Del Toro

Whilst Takashi Miike has made some family-friendly films in his career, he is widely recognised for his extremely violent and gory horror films.

His films have caused controversy and have gained him a cult following. Some of Miike's most talked about films are Audition (1999), Ichi the Killer (2001) and Lesson of the Evil (2012), which all feature strong gore and violence.

Surprisingly, Miike has said his favourite film of all time is Starship Troopers (1997). He has also expressed admiration for directors Akira Kurosawa, Hideo Gosha, David Lynch, David Cronenberg and Paul Verhoeven.


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