10 Horror Movie Characters Killed In Reshoots

Characters killed by the final cut...

Deep Blue Sea Susan McCallister Saffron Burrows
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Filmmaking is an ongoing process where not everything goes according to plan. Because productions aren't always smooth sailing, one of the elements that help fine tune a movie is a reshoot. This is done when a sequence needs to be altered or when entire scenes themselves need to be replaced.

While films like Justice League have turned this into a bad omen for the industry, reshoots are done for the good of the movie in order to improve them. Examples include Anchorman and Rogue One, whose new scenes ended up benefitting their respective films.

With horror movies, reshoots are crucial and often hail from test screenings, which are very important for the genre. Some viewers may not like certain characters or endings, and so in order to placate those doubters, new sequences are filmed to replace these. In instances specific to the horror genre, some movies go on far too long without any blood spilled, and some characters are killed in order to keep the audience's interest.

Here, then, are ten horror movies that killed characters off during reshoots. As the following content will be discussing major character deaths, there will of course be spoilers ahead..

10. Devil's Flight Survivors - Final Destination 3

Deep Blue Sea Susan McCallister Saffron Burrows
New Line Cinema

In Final Destination 3, Wendy Christensen receives a horrific vision where she and her friends die riding the Devil's Flight roller coaster. She then warns everyone to get off the ride, and in true Final Destination fashion, the survivors are killed one by one in bloody accidents.

The original ending took place at the local tricentennial where Wendy and her friends encounter Ian. The young man blames our heroine for the death of his girlfriend, but before he can enact his vengeance, he is killed by a cherry picker. With Wendy, her sister Julie, and Kevin all safe, the trio leave the scene and the film just ends there.

This abrupt finale was negatively received by test audiences and so a new ending was filmed.

The new sequence takes place five months later when Wendy and company are reunited at a subway. They quickly realize that Death has united them, though, and a freak accident kills them... until it is revealed to be one of Wendy's visions. But despite their efforts of stopping the train, the film cuts to black and we hear the sound of the subway derailing once again.


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