10 Horror Movie Characters Who Deserved To Die

Odious behavior or Peter Griffin-esque intellect - this lot all had it coming!

The Descent
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Horror viewers have seen their fair share of heinous villains happily ride off into the sunset over the years, free from the consequences of their appalling actions. Despite this, there are several prominent examples of character deaths that would indicate that karma is alive and kicking within the horror genre.

There are myriad reasons as to why a character within a horror movie may leave audiences counting down the seconds until they are killed. In the case of the aforementioned heinous villains, the dastardly nature of their characters and their appalling actions depicted within the film usually fit the bill for a deserved demise.

However, there are the slightly rarer cases of individuals amongst the horror population who demonstrate that they are quite literally too stupid to survive the fictional universe which they inhabit; cretins who practically serve themselves up on a plate for whatever nightmarish antagonist is out for their blood. While it seems harsh to label them deserving of death, the manner in which some of these characters meet their ends is straight-up Looney Tunes worthy.

In either case, horror as a genre has served up a litany of both types of character and as such, there is such an abundance to select from that narrowing down a top ten is literally impossible.

With that in mind, and in no particular order, here are a selection of horror characters who left audiences feeling like their grisly demise was the appropriate end result.

10. Liz Hunter - Wolf Creek

The Descent

This writer can already hear you ask, 'how can an empowered heroine who is abducted and eventually brutally murdered by a psychopathic serial killer be a deserving victim of a horrible death?'

Yes, Liz Hunter does exemplary horror protagonist work in the early goings of 2005's Wolf Creek. After she and her friend Kristy are kidnapped by depraved murderer Mick Taylor, she manages to escape from her bonds before distracting and wounding the unhinged killer; shooting him in the neck with his own rifle before making her escape with Kristy.

However, her errors against such a deadly adversary ultimately mean that Liz only has herself to blame for her own death. Wounding an unhinged lunatic attempting to murder you is great, but do you know what's even better? Finishing the job off and making sure the maniac is actually dead! It is hard to imagine a scenario better suited to polish off the villain, and the failure to do so inevitably comes back to haunt Liz.

Liz makes yet another death-worthy error by choosing to return to Mick's lair in order to secure a car for the escape. Understandable, but considering she knew that the psychotic sadist may still be alive, a ridiculously poor judgement call. Liz was well aware that an escape on foot was possible if necessary, telling Kristy to do so if she didn't return quickly, bringing into question again why she would take the gargantuan risk of returning.

Lo and behold, Liz is duly dispatched in shockingly graphic fashion by Mick as she attempts to steal a car. Go figure.


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