10 Horror Movie Characters Who Didn’t Know They Were The Killer

9. David Callaway - Hide And Seek

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
20th Century Fox

From director John Polson, Hide and Seek follows Robert De Niro's widow David Callaway as he and his daughter Emily (Dakota Fanning) move to upstate New York following the suicide of David's wife.

Once settled in their new home, nine-year-old Emily creates an imaginary friend called Charlie. Like any horror film featuring an imaginary friend, things start to take a turn for the sinister, with David concerned over his daughter's mental wellbeing when the Callaways' cat gets killed, a playdate with a friend of Emily's results in a decimated doll, and a family friend is pushed out of a window to her death.

The kicker here, is that Charlie has really been David this entire time, with him suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Making things more chilling, it's revealed that David's wife didn't actually take her own life, but instead she was murdered by her husband after David caught her cheating on him.

After the penny drops for David, he fully embraces the Charlie persona; to the point he ends up getting himself killed after attempting to add a few more bodies to his kill count.


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