10 Horror Movie Characters Who Disappeared Without A Trace

Umm, where did these guys and gals go?

Friday the 13th Part 2 - Ted
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Good storytelling is all about wrapping up plot points before a narrative comes to an end.

Imagine how unsatisfied people would have been if Friends ended without Chandler and Monica's surrogate giving birth. Or if we didn't find out what happened to Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises. Or if those aliens from Toy Story 2 weren't adopted by the Potato Heads!

That would have been a crime.

Sometimes though, characters fall through the cracks in a story and their journeys come to an abrupt halt before their final destination is reached.

That wasn't a hint by the way - Final Destination will not be appearing on this list.

Instead, we have ten horror movie characters who were there one minute and then gone the next. Either in a sequel or over the course of a single film, these lot went missing and we still have no idea where they went.

Some of them have fairly decent real world excuses, but others? Well, it just seems like the writers totally forgot about them! Poor characters - what did they do to deserve this sort of shabby treatment?

10. Chris Collins - Arachnophobia

Friday the 13th Part 2 - Ted
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Released in 1990 and directed by Amblin Entertainment co-founder Frank Marshall, Arachnophobia is a very silly comedy horror about a small town that gets invaded by angry spiders.

And not a rolled up newspaper in sight.

Starring Jeff Daniels and John Goodman, the movie has become extremely popular and even has a remake in the works with James Wan set to produce. Maybe in this new version, we'll find out what happened to Chris Collins.

Collins, played by Brian McNamara, is the assistant to Daniels' lead character Dr. Ross Jennings. He plays a pretty major role in the film's second act, offering up important information to Jennings so that he may save the day.

He even rescues his boss' family from a spider-infested house, which leads to... nothing. He just disappears.

We see him get knocked over when trying to rescue Ross from the creepy-crawlies, but we never see him die. So where does he go? Did he die? Did he escape? Is he tangled up in some giant web somewhere still waiting to be rescued after all these years?

Let's hope a big gust of wind came along and blew him down.


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