10 Horror Movie Characters Who Got What Was Coming To Them

We weren't sad to see these horror characters get their just deserts! 

Human Centipede 2
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Horror often punishes the innocent, with countless hapless characters mown down by the forces of evil.

How many times have we despaired when the villain catches our presumed hero, just before they’ve reached a well-deserved victory? Sometimes, the scummiest characters are the ones who escape the jaws of death, much to our dismay as viewers.

Occasionally however, the worst of the worst actually do get their comeuppance, and when they do, oh boy is it wonderful. So, let’s relish in the downfall of horror’s most despicable characters.

10. Mayor Larry Vaughn - Jaws

Human Centipede 2
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I don’t need to write an introduction about how Jaws influenced the film industry as we all know it by now, so let’s just dive straight in.

Larry Vaughn is the mayor of the fictional Amity Island, excited for the incoming summer tourism season and important 4th July celebrations. He frequently butts heads with Chief Brody, and insists that there is no threat of a shark.

He is also corrupt, instructing Brody to change the cause of Chrissie’s death from shark to boating accident in order to bring in some cold hard cash over the summer. His willingness to sweep serious potential danger under the rug results in more deaths, including that of a child.

He doesn’t even learn his lesson by the time the sequel rolls around, by which point his own son is almost murdered by the shark. This is a pretty fitting end to Vaughn’s story, as it takes someone close to him to almost perish for him to actually see sense for once.


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