10 Horror Movie Characters Who Had To Make Horrendous Decisions

Is there an option where you just shoot me instead?

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Horror movies have justifiably gained a reputation for featuring characters who have a habit of making the worst decisions humanly imaginable.

Decisions such as watching cursed video tapes that invariably result in the viewer's death, refusing to close down crowded public beaches in the wake of multiple shark attacks, and reading books made of human flesh that literally say "LEAVE THIS BOOK ALONE", number amongst some of the foolish decisions from fright flicks in recent memory.

Contrastingly, despite the prevalence of the above trope, many characters often find themselves placed in a nightmarish situation that forces them to make decisions that would make Meryl Streep's character in Sophie's Choice wince. Stupidity doesn't even factor into it - in many cases, there is no legitimately no other option.

Considering that this is the horror genre we're talking about, the alternative option is usually some form of horrific death, making this a truly unenviable state of affairs.

With that being said, several of the following soul-cleaving entries would indicate a quick demise is actually a preferable state of affairs.

10. The Ain't Rights - Green Room

Saw Lawrene Gordon

It speaks volumes to the suffering endured by punk band The Ain't Rights in Green Room that it's legitimately difficult to pick the most horrendous decision the musicians are forced to make from the catalogue of examples on offer.

The 2013 horror-thriller sees the band witness a murder at the hands of a group of neo-Nazis, who confine them to the film's eponymous green room under the pretence of calling the authorities. In actuality, the Patrick Stewart-led group of barbarous thugs are calling for backup to eliminate any witnesses to the crime.

Ultimately, the worst decision the band is forced to make is the resolution to leave the relative safety of the room in an attempt to fight their way out. While they were unaware as to the exact nature of the horrors that awaited, this was an exceedingly nightmarish decision to have to make after witnessing Anton Yelchin's arm get graphically slashed to ribbons when the group opened the door to negotiate.

Quelle surprise, the horrors do not end with this fraught determination as the musicians' tormentors proceed to set vicious fighting dogs upon them. The very definition of a lose-lose decision.

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