10 Horror Movie Characters You Didn't Realise Actually Survived

These horror characters actually made it to the end in one piece.

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What are horror movies concerned with more than anything else? Death, that's what, and generally speaking they aren't shy about showing their rosters of hapless meat-puppets being hacked apart by the fearsome killer.

To that point, it's always best to assume that a character survives unless you unambiguously glimpse their dead, mutilated body, but all the same, characters sometimes disappear so uneventfully that it's easy to forget they actually made it to the end at all.

That's absolutely the case with these 10 horror movie characters, who despite being in perilous and wholly life-threatening situations the last time we saw them, all lived to see another day.

But perhaps this was only implied in the movie itself, confirmed through a post-credits scene most people skipped out on, or clarified by the filmmaker themselves after the film's release.

Whatever the reason and method of survival, these characters all made it to the finish line one way or another - often by the skin of their teeth. But don't feel bad if you didn't notice, because these movies sure didn't make a big deal about it...

10. Brian - Valentine

Halloween 2 Jimmy
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2001's cult classic slasher Valentine touts a solid body count, but you might've missed a character who actually wasn't among the dead.

During the climactic Valentine's Day party, Paige (Denise Richards) is invited upstairs by slimeball Brian (Woody Jeffreys), who has a "surprise" to show her - that surprise being his penis.

Brian then begs a thoroughly unimpressed Paige to "wax" his penis, prompting her to go the hyper-literal route by tying him to the bed and straight-up pouring hot wax all over his exposed genitals.

The last we see of Brian, he's cursing Paige's name while writhing helplessly on the bed.

And though not long after this a massacre unfolds in the very same house, we're never given any indication that Brian is among the victims - even though he would've been easy pickings for the killer.

But Brian is a fundamentally minor character whose existence we're never invited to care one iota about, and so it's easy to completely forget about him the moment he disappears from the movie, even if his heart is still presumably beating when the end credits roll.

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