10 Horror Movie Cliches That Need To Die

It's time for a change.

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There's probably no movie genre more reliant on cliches and tropes than horror, because given the sheer number of horror films released in any given year - many of them made on a shoestring budget - it's little surprise they mostly stick to delivering what works.

Since the slasher movie boom of the 1980s in particular, horror has typically leaned back on a set of firmly established rules and plot points, which undeniably feel quite tiresome in 2020.

That's not to say that all cliches are bad, but some are certainly more well-worn than others, and when a movie actively defies them it's genuinely refreshing for audiences.

These 10 cliches represent the most tired and unimaginative within the entire horror genre, the lazy and ultra-formulaic screenwriting elements which, if used today, elicit nothing more than groans from viewers.

It's only for the good of horror as a whole if these howlingly overdone cliches are retired for good and never return, because it's practically impossible to use them in a way that actually feels fresh and unique...

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