10 Horror Movie Douchebags Who Actually Survived

Scream's obnoxious cheerleader surprisingly made it out alive.

Scream Cheerleader

One of the longest running traditions of the horror genre is that the most unlikeable, detestable characters typically end up suffering horrendous, revoltingly gory deaths.

The slasher movie in particular has relished indulging this trope, by swiftly introducing audiences to obnoxious meat-puppets who will then be summarily killed off in a host of creatively disgusting ways.

It's remained a popular formula for decades and with good reason, though every so often an entry into the genre might swerve audiences by opting to subvert their expectations instead.

That's certainly true of these 10 movies, all of which presented characters ripe for a gnarly death scene, only for them to avoid that fate entirely.

No matter that other infinitely more likeable characters didn't survive to the end, these annoying, selfish, cruel, and generally loathsome folk were exceptions to the karmic payoff inherent in most horror movies.

The a**holes don't always die - sometimes they get to live a long life full of douchebaggery, as was presumably the case with these 10 easy-to-hate characters.

Audiences would've loved to see these 10 degenerates torn asunder, but alas, it just wasn't meant to be...

10. Kate Ward - Army Of The Dead

Scream Cheerleader

Let's kick things off with one of the most detestable "heroes" from any of 2021's movies - the unintentionally awful heroine Kate Ward (Ella Purnell) from Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead.

Kate is the estranged daughter of protagonist Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), and joins the central Las Vegas heist in the hope of retrieving her missing migrant friend Geeta (Huma Qureshi).

Kate basically ends up thrusting a side-mission upon Scott and his team while having little in the way of combat skills or even basic self-preservation instincts.

By running off to try and find Geeta, she throws the rest of the group's plans into a tailspin, forcing them to go off-script as ultimately results in many of their deaths, including her father's.

Though Kate does rescue Geeta, this is hilariously rendered null and void at film's end when Geeta dies in a helicopter crash, of which Kate is miraculously the sole survivor.

And so, Army of the Dead ends with Kate shooting her zombified father dead and becoming the last person standing.

Considering she was by far the most annoying character in the movie and also the least-equipped to survive, it was absolutely maddening that she didn't die a grisly death.

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