10 Horror Movie Franchises That Need To End

Not every Final Chapter deserves a New Beginning.

Friday The 13th 2009 Jason Voorhees

To the relief of everyone who sat through the 2009 remake, the latest Friday The 13th prequel/reboot/whatever recently collapsed weeks before the start of principal photography, with Variety speculating that the poor reception of Paramount’s Rings movie may have been to blame.

Whatever story the movie planned to tell, it’s cancellation is actually A Good Thing. When a franchise’s lead character has already been killed by Corey Feldman, aped by a copycat, resurrected by lightning/ telekinesis/ possession/an underwater power surge, melted by toxic waste, blown up by an FBI task force, sent to hell, sent into space and returned to the present for a grudge match with Freddy, he’s outstayed his welcome.

Hollywood has never mastered the art of calling time on failing franchises, a trait that’s even more pronounced in the horror genre, where the emphasis shifts away from mood and character to watching the main antagonist kill people. Compare John Carpenter’s Halloween to Halloween: Resurrection and you’ll see what I mean.

In that spirit, here are another ten franchises that need the chop before they send their lead characters into outer space.

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