10 Horror Movie Franchises That Wasted Their Perfect Ending

9. Master & Apprentice Fall - Saw III

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors Ending

The Saw series is one that's spent nearly 16 years (and counting) trying to replicate the original villainous mastermind at the franchise's core.

While the franchise could have lived on after John Kramer passed away in 2006's Saw III, every film since then has unfortunately felt hamstrung by hammering home its Kramer-shaped hole and showcasing Jigsaw's apprentices rather than veering into fresh territory.

If looking back on this nine-entry series - with a tenth film currently planned for next year - there was a fantastic chance to put a bow on the property after Saw III.

That third offering featured some of the most intense trap sequences in the entire franchise, and featured the prospect of apprentice Amanda tinkering with Jigsaw's plans by removing the possibility of people being actually able to escape the respective traps they find themselves in. With both Kramer and Amanda offed by Jeff Denlon - one of the many to find themselves playing Jigsaw's games - Saw III wrapped up the majority of loose ends.

With a whiff of Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate fearing they'd make a mistake by killing off Jigsaw, the following six movies have all teased that Jigsaw is somehow still alive and working in the shadows, whilst also introducing a couple of other apprentices to the murderous mastermind.

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