10 Horror Movie Killers We All Reluctantly Loved

We're supposed to hate the killers in movies, but sometimes that is just not possible.

New Line Cinema

When we decide to watch a horror movie, there is no better indication of a villain's impact than our disgust at them and that immediate hatred that comes with it. A flamboyant serial killer like Jame Gumb or a relentless creature such as the Xenomorph Queen can strike fear into the hearts of audiences instantaneously, so when they get what they deserve, we cheer. It's how it's supposed to be.

But then again, there are always those killers that we watch and as much as we might try to hate them, it's virtually impossible. Seeing a charismatic baddie with complex motives that might even make sense invariably invokes sympathy. And while that might make you think you're a little weird, there's a grand history of audiences falling for bad guys despite themselves...

10. Sweeney Todd

Warner Bros.

Sweeney Todd, the 2007 musical by Tim Burton, cannot really be considered as a straight horror movie despite the source material of people pies and a killer barber.

But then, Sweeney is a killer, no matter how much we sugar coat it. He bloodies up his barber shop and sends his victims to Mrs. Lovett to make some snacks.

The love for the man formerly known as Benjamin Barker is partly down to the performance of Johnny Depp - and his surprisingly decent singing voice - and partly his tragic backstory.

And fundamentally, there's just something about this hellish hairdresser that can charm anyone, especially the lowly pie shop owner below him.


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