10 Horror Movie Mistakes Directors Refused To Fix Because The Acting Was Too Good

Kudos to the stars who kept going through these tough times.

The Ring 2002

Life often imitates art when it comes to film, as demonstrated by the long list of horror movies with "cursed" sets.

Thankfully, we won't be talking about the various deaths and injures that have occurred whilst filming spooky movies over the years. Because that would make everyone cry, and we all know how you get when you cry.

And yes, we do mean you.

Instead, let's talk about some of the more light-hearted mess-ups in horror history; the ones that were so easily overcome that directors just chose to leave them in.

A good actor should be able to overcome any adversity whilst in a performance. It's all part of the job, as anyone who has ever been in a pantomime will ever tell you.

It's testament to the cast involved in these movies that they were able to power through when everything around them was falling to pieces. In some case, they acted so well that you wouldn't even notice that there had been an error.

In others, the accidents actually contributed to the overall brilliance of the scene. Trust an audience of horror lovers to take pleasure from something going horribly wrong.

10. You Hit Me With The Phone! - Scream

Phones play a pretty big part in Wes Craven's satirical triumph Scream.

The very first scene we get from the movie involves one, as Casey Becker first meets Ghostface. The device also comes into play during the movie's most famous accident-prone moment.

Towards the film's thrilling climax, Sidney Prescott turns the tables on killers Billy and Stu, taunting them in much the same way they taunted her. She is on the phone with a bloodied Stu, played by Matthew "Yes, that is Shaggy" Lillard, as Billy goes mad behind him.

The character portrayed by Skeet Ulrich grabs the phone from Stu, screams at Sidney, and then throws it back at his accomplice. However, because of all the fake blood, the headset got stuck to his hand and then flung off right into the back of Lillard's head.

Like an absolute pro, the victim of this phone-based assault carried on with a quiet "Ow" before yelling "You hit me with the phone!"

Although, to keep this PG, we've left out two words from that section of dialogue.

This really fit Stu's manchild character, so props to Lillard for quite literally using his head.

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