10 Horror Movie Openings That Pissed Everyone Off

Scream 4 got too meta for its own good with that opening sequence.

Scream 4 Anna Paquin Kristen Bell
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What is any movie without a corker of an opening scene to pique the audience's interest and ensure they're onboard for what's to follow?

This is especially true in the horror genre, which is wildly oversaturated and requires filmmakers to deliver an early thrill to win viewers over.

The easiest way to lure audiences in is of course to kick things off with a gnarly death scene that sets the tone for what's to come, but sometimes filmmakers misjudge things and end up delivering an opening that just pisses everybody off.

Perhaps the director botched something technical, maybe a scene didn't come off as well as they imagined it in their head, or it's possible the studio intervened and chopped it all to holy hell.

Whatever the reason, these 10 horror movie openings all left fans in a bad place from the start, questioning what they were looking at and, in extreme cases, having lost all hope for the rest of the film.

Some of these movies certainly found their footing and generally delivered a good time, but for the vast majority this dud opening scene was simply the first of many creative stumbles...

10. Young Elise's TERRIBLE Dubbed Voice - Insidious Chapter 2

Scream 4 Anna Paquin Kristen Bell

Insidious Chapter 2 is a thoroughly mediocre and utterly forgettable sequel to James Wan's hit original, and fittingly left viewers wincing with embarrassment from its very first scene.

The sequel kicks off with a flashback set in 1986, where we're introduced to a younger version of demonologist Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) from the first film, as played here by Lindsay Seim.

Except, Wan makes the rather awkward, misguided decision to have Lin Shaye dub over Seim's dialogue, resulting in an elderly woman's voice coming out of this young lady's mouth.

Wan claims he did this to get Shaye's presence in the film from the very beginning, but it ultimately comes off as goofy and distracting.

As much as we all love Lin Shaye, this let viewers know from the jump that they were in for a creatively dubious sequel.

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