10 Horror Movie Parties We Wouldn't Want To Be Invited To

Looking for food, drinks and fun? You won't find them at any of these killer shindigs.

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In the horror movie landscape, there are rare opportunities for victims to just lay back and have a good time. Particularly when a slow-walking murderer or a terrifying creature from another world is stalking their every move. However, victims are people too, and as such, they have a basic need for interaction and mingling. In other words, for getting their PARTY ON!

Not an uncommon theme whatsoever, parties in horror movies are used as a plot device that allows viewers to easily relate to the situation presented on the screen. No matter how convoluted or creepy it ends up being. A party is an everyday occurrence, which can rapidly turn catastrophic when the wrong components are placed together.

As viewers, we are aware of the disastrous potential behind these celebrations. And thus, we feel entitled to yell every time one of these party animals picks the wrong door and ends up facing the stabby end of the killer's knife.

Most victims are unaware of the risks, right up until the moment they pay the ultimate price for their carelessness. How unfortunate for them, cue the blood and screams. Well, let's hope that these party-goers enjoyed themselves while the beers were still nice and cold. Here are 10 horror movie parties we wouldn't want to be invited to.

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