10 Horror Movie Reveals So Bad You Almost Walked Out

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lipstick face demon insidious
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It's fair to say that horror fans are a generally optimistic bunch - we want to see the best in even a terrible movie, and even if it isn't totally working, it can be fun to laugh at, right?

But sometimes a pivotal reveal is so thunderously insulting to the intelligence that the instinct to get up and leave, change the channel, or do literally anything else becomes overpowering.

After all, life's too short to abide infuriating movies when there's so much choice out there, and to that point, these 10 films all hinged themselves on reveals that were ill-advised at best, if we're being kind.

These reveals range from insultingly stupid plot twists to embarrassingly low-budget monsters, and each made it difficult to remain invested in the story in any tangible way.

Whether each movie was working up to that point or not, this was the silver bullet that killed their internal credibility and left everybody mentally checked out, thinking about what they were going to do when the end credits rolled.

The moment these dud reveals dropped, it became impossible to take what remained of the film seriously at all...

10. The Creeper's Wings - Jeepers Creepers

lipstick face demon insidious

We've talked extensively about how brilliantly tightly wound the opening segment of Jeepers Creepers is, with Trish (Gina Philips) and her brother Darry (Justin Long) crossing paths with a psychotic motorist who also appears to be an unhinged serial killer (is there any other kind)?

But that terror entirely dissipates at the end of the second act, when any and all subtlety is abandoned in favour of fully unveiling the creature to the audience.

The Creeper's face doesn't look great, but things collapse entirely when Trish repeatedly runs the Creeper over and it suddenly sprouts wings totally out of nowhere.

The CGI wings looked bad in 2001 and they look awful now, and things arguably only get worse once the Creeper makes it to the police station where it's shown in its full un-scary glory, fish face and all.

The Creeper was so much more intimidating when it was seemingly just a man in a truck, but once it sprouted wings and revealed its full demonic form, it ironically became impossible to take seriously.

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