10 Horror Movie Scenes Everyone Always Gets Wrong

9. Addison Isn't An Idiot For Putting Her Wrists In The Trap - Saw II


What Everyone Thinks

If you ask the average Saw fan who the dumbest character in the franchise is, many will point to Saw II's Addison (Emmanuelle Vaugier), who falls hook, line, and sinker for Jigsaw's (Tobin Bell) razor box trap.

Addison is presented with a box containing the antidote for the toxic nerve agent she and her fellow "test subjects" are breathing in, and so without thinking sticks one hand into the box to grab the antidote syringe.

However, the holes for her hands are rigged up with razors, cutting her wrist in the process. In her panic, she also puts her other hand in the box, all while the contents of the syringe end up spilling everywhere.

To many, this was enough to dismiss Addison as the stupidest Saw character ever.

Why It's Wrong

This is totally glossing over one major thing - Addison has been subject to the effects of Jigsaw's nerve agent for quite some time now and is in no way thinking clearly.

Just as she enters the room we can see her stumble, proving that she's suffering from massive cognitive impairment and so, even for the standards of a Jigsaw trap, she didn't stand much of a chance here.

Nobody's calling Addison a Nobel laureate in the making, but it's pretty callous to call her an idiot given that she's clearly suffered a huge compromise to her decision-making abilities. Like playing Jenga blind drunk, this was never going to end well.

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