10 Horror Movie Secrets We All Missed

Horror movie secrets at their most sublimely sneaky.

The Thing Kurt Russell

Though mainstream horror has a reputation for being incredibly obvious and on-the-nose - and most often, that's absolutely right - there's no denying the ability of talented filmmakers to inject their bold visions with extra meaning below the surface.

No matter the genre, we all love watching movies packed with secrets which make repeat viewings more rewarding. At their best, these subtle secrets can help audiences peel the film back to reveal additional layers of meaning they never knew were there.

These 10 horror films, all acclaimed classics of the genre in their own right, hid fascinating secrets in plain sight, from perfectly-placed Easter eggs to disturbing story implications which only made things that much more unsettling.

Thanks to a little help from the eagle-eyed folk at /r/MovieDetails, you'll never watch these 10 horror movies quite the same way again once armed with the knowledge of their low-key secrets.

And if you somehow managed to catch any of these details on your own, give yourself a firm pat on the back...

10. The Opening Song Contains A Secret Warning Message - Get Out

The Thing Kurt Russell

Jordan Peele's Oscar-winning horror satire Get Out is absolutely jam-packed with ingenious Easter eggs and references, but one of the most easily missed secrets occurs in the first two minutes of the movie.

The opening titles are backed by a distinctive piece of music being sung in Swahili, entitled "Sikiliza."

The song's lyrics translate as such: "Brother, listen to the ancestors. Run! You need to run far! (Listen to the truth). Brother, listen to the ancestors. Run! Run! To save yourself, listen to the ancestors."

Obviously these lyrics dovetail perfectly into the themes and situations of the movie itself, as protagonist Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) finds himself on the run from crazy white people who wish to hijack his body for their own nefarious uses.

The song re-appears several times throughout the film and seems to serve as a subconscious warning of-sorts for Chris, even if 99% of viewers have never even noticed.


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