10 Horror Movie Secrets We All Missed

8. Nobody Eats Potato Chips In The Apocalypse - A Quiet Place

The Thing Kurt Russell
Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place transpires on a post-apocalyptic Earth where humanity is being picked off by a race of savage extra-terrestrial monsters which hunt via sound.

As a result, the few survivors have had to re-adjust their behaviour in order to stay alive: communicating via American Sign Language, walking barefoot, and generally making as little noise as possible.

The film is also packed with clever environmental storytelling in place of excessive exposition, though you may well have missed the most amusing one of all.

During the early scene in which the Abbott family scavenges supplies from a supermarket, eagle-eyed viewers might notice that the shelves containing potato chips are still fully stocked, while everything else in the vicinity is basically bare.

Why would this be? Because potato chips make a ton of noise, both when opening the bag and actually eating them, and are therefore the last thing anyone would want to eat in this torrid world.


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