10 Horror Movie Sequels Coming In 2019

Pennywise, Annabelle and Rob Zombie all return...

Warner Bros.

Sequels, unfortunately, seem to be an unavoidable part of life whenever a film manages to be any good. Or even just painfully average, really, since the Hollywood machine will churn out anything they think they can make a profit on - and the horror movie formula is ripe for the picking.

With such fantastic offerings both new and old in the horror genre recently, it's only fair that a few follow-ups come along to poke long dead films with a pointy stick for our entertainment - and from genre classics to modern muses, 2019 has plenty of sequels in the works.

Honestly, there's potential in lots of these titles to conjure up an interesting, original storyline that expands upon some of the lore we've already seen, but whether we get a pumpkin spice basic b*tch rehash or a hot shot of caffeine into these franchises we'll just have to wait and see. Aliens did it, Dawn of the Dead did it, Evil Dead did it - there's faith that these guys can too.

In either case, get ready for a slew of number 2s, as these are some of the horror sequels we've got to look forward to in 2019...

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