10 Horror Movie Theories That Change Everything

What really happened when Heather went into that basement?...

The Blair Witch Project
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You've toughed it out for ninety minutes and the credits are rolling. You can turn on the light, stick the kettle on and calm yourself down. You've done it, you've braved yet another horror film.

It'll take a few minutes, but that feeling of dread will soon dissipate and you'll no longer have to keep your mind invested in the spooky shenanigans you've just witnessed.

But what if the events you just witnessed weren't as they seemed?...

All of a sudden you find yourself thinking back on the menagerie of horrors and a wider picture begins to form, changing your entire perception and understanding of the film entirely.

Whilst it's true that most horror films can be taken on face value, with simplistic plots often being secondary to the scares, in some instances a little digging can unearth a whole host of unanswered questions and theories as to what really transpired. This can often completely change the tone and themes of the film in ways you never thought possible.

As the old saying goes, it's what you don't see that scares you the most, and in this instance that may very well be the case.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

10. Cloverfield - There Were Two Monsters Attacking The City

The Blair Witch Project
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Long before The Cloverfield Paradox made us all collectively scratch our heads, several theories regarding the original film had circulated online. The most interesting, and potentially true, theory is that during the events of Cloverfield, there are in fact two monsters running amok.

Director Matt Reeves revealed in an interview that at the tail end of the movie, you can see a satellite fall into the ocean, which supposedly awoke the monster and started the chain of destruction.

There is then further speculation that the creature we see throughout the movie is in fact a baby, which would explain its confused and destructive nature.

Throughout the film, we scarcely see the monster in full view, only catching small glimpses here and there, but more often than not, the size and appearance of the creature seems to vary. In some scenes its taller than buildings and in others it can easily hide itself away, which can lead to some confusion.

Could it be that the creature's mother is also running rampage?

The changing appearance and its ability to be in seemingly two places at once certainly alludes to this, but until we get a proper sequel, we may never know for sure.


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