10 Horror Movie Trailers That Gave Away The Entire Plot

9. Get Out

Quarantine movie ending

In Get Out, a black man called Chris is anxious about meeting the family of his white girlfriend, Rose Armitage. When he arrives at their family estate, the Armitages appear friendly on the surface but Chris suspects that they are hiding a terrible secret.

Get Out was a critically-acclaimed box office smash and bagged an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay; a rarity in the horror genre. But if you watched the trailer, you'd assume Get Out was horror schlock instead of an unnerving psychological thriller.

Not only does the teaser make the film look generic, it gives away too much. In several shots, we see Rose' father, Dean, donning a surgical mask and prepping his medical tools while Chris is tied up. Although the viewer couldn't guess what sort of procedure Dean is going to perform on Chris, it's disappointing the trailer felt like including these clips.

Even though first-time viewers suspect the Armitage family bear ill will to Chris, most people assume Rose genuinely cares for him. But since we see her aiming a rifle at him in the preview, this shocking twist is pointlessly ruined.


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