10 Horror Movie Villains Who Broke Their Own Rules

Apparently all rules go out the window when villains are faced with water, love or their mum.

Hannibal 2001

It can be tough to perfect the murderous villain persona. Being a super-evil, psychologically messed-up individual can be a difficult reputation to uphold. Throw in a stressful situation or a car chase, and you're bound to start seeing some cracks. Unfortunately for these bad guys, their slip-ups cost them their freedom, lives and reputation.

Sometimes the bad guys aren't always to blame for their mistakes. Occasionally, the director makes the mistake as a simple oversight with certain elements. Other times the characters are forced to break their own rules in an attempt to save themselves from the inevitable.

With these villains, it appears that sometimes the simplest of rules are the things that end up getting them in the end. For example, Hannibal lets his biggest threat live, Norman Bates has a girl over for dinner, and Kevin actually helps his victim escape. These three aren't the only ones who make silly mistakes when it comes to causing destruction and devastation, and they probably won't be the last.

It's a demanding profession murdering people, and sometimes the pressure gets to you. Poor misunderstood sods.

10. The Gremlins Forgot Their Own Rules - Gremlins

Hannibal 2001
Amblin Entertainment

Everyone knows what to do and what not to do when it comes to dealing with Joe Dante’s vicious little Gremlins. There are three basic rules for looking after your pre-Gremlin Mogwai. Never feed them past midnight, don’t let them catch the sun's rays, and never ever get them wet!

We all know this but it appears that the Mogwai themselves will sometimes forget the rules. In the film, the cute little bundles of fur are depicted running around in the snow. As we all know, snow is the frozen form of water and should in theory have the same effect on the pre-pubescent creatures.

This is apparently not the case as the Mogwai do not start to multiply in the scene, breaking their rules and the laws of basic science. The only time we see the Mogwai start to multiply is when they actually touch water. Technically they are breaking their own rule but the director doesn't actually hold them responsible for their actions and they get away with the little slip up.

What was obviously a slight overlook on the director's part, should have resulted in a much bigger problem than what was depicted in the film.


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