10 Horror Movie Villains Who Switched Sides In The Sequel

These horror villains became heroes in the next movie.

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No genre loves a sequel quite like horror, because if audiences love a horror movie, studios naturally want to just do the same thing all over again and print some more money. 

And generally speaking, most horror franchises will simply keep bringing the central villain back again and again via supernatural nonsense - it's a fundamentally daft but widely accepted formula.

Yet every so often, a horror sequel might dare to do something different, by dusting the villain off but having them perform a face turn and operate in a more heroic capacity this time around.

These 10 horror movie villains returned in a sequel with a major shift in allegiance, whether reinvented as an outright hero, or taking a more ambiguous, anti-heroic stance.

Either way, they were now a far cry from their villain-with-a-capital-V antics in the previous film(s), opting to switch sides whether for the greater good or for their own self-serving purposes.

It's a tough trick to pull off and doesn't always work - as this list will certainly testify - but with smart filmmakers at the fore, it's certainly a twist which can breathe fresh life into a stagnating character or franchise...

10. The Red Queen - Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

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In Paul W.S. Anderson's original Resident Evil film, The Red Queen (Michaela Dicker) is a murderous artificial intelligence who kills everyone inside the Umbrella Corporation's facility, The Hive, when the T-virus is unleashed within it.

The Red Queen is a major roadblock to the survival of Alice (Milla Jovovich) and her comrades throughout the movie, famously activating a laser defense grid which wipes out the majority of the soldiers accompanying her.

The Red Queen subsequently returned in the series' concluding entry, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and though Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) claimed at the end of the prior movie, Retribution, that she was attempting to wipe out all of humanity, it turned out to be a damn dirty lie.

In actuality, the Red Queen ends up teaming up with Alice to take down Umbrella and prevent the human race from being rendered extinct. 

She even gets to kill Wesker for good measure, while the movie also assures the audience that she only killed everyone in the Hive in the first film to prevent the T-virus from getting out and causing a global catastrophe. #TheRedQueenDidNothingWrong

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