10 Horror Movies Audiences Walked Out Of

Are you a bit squeamish, or just a massive movie snob? Or maybe a bit of both?

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Horror has come a long way since the birth of cinema, and throughout different movements adopted by different countries, such as the French New Extremity and the slasher becoming its own subgenre by the late 90s, some movies are still categorically agreed upon as just being a bit too much. Whether it be graphic depictions of extreme body horror, or unnecessarily long scenes of sexual assault, it can be universally agreed that, even in the modern day and age, certain subjects just are not enjoyable to witness on the big screen.

In a similar vein, many films are also victim to having too high expectations set upon them by cult followings. When they fall short, this of course creates a very intense negative reaction to these films. One of the best things about watching films is being critical of them - however sometimes this can go just that step too far and result in audiences walking out of screenings before even reaching the movie's climax.

Either way, a film that has made its audiences walk out before the credits roll must have something wrong with it, right? You decide!

10. Cabin Fever

Bite 2015

The original Cabin Fever (2002), directed by Eli Roth, is an oddly enjoyable film that exceeded expectations of just being another corny flick about college kids in the middle of nowhere with imminent threat on their doorstep. Not by any stretch are the characters well-rounded or developed intelligently, but the plot itself is relatively interesting, and the visual effects do elevate the re-watchability of the film.

In the movie, where 5 college kids go to stay at a log cabin in the woods, instead of a masked serial killer stalking them or some corrupt organisation watching their every move, the main antagonist is a flesh eating disease that kills its victims within a few days of infection. It is jam-packed full of comedy that is extremely dated, and because of this can be uncomfortable at times to watch, but thankfully this subsides as soon as the characters start getting infected!

Despite the progression of the group's infections being some of the most entertaining moments within the film, for some audience members in cinemas this simply was a bit too much to stomach.

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