10 Horror Movies Based On Disturbing Real Life Events

10. Child's Play

This terrifying horror film was inspired from the uncanny tale of Robert the Doll, who was owned by Robert Eugene Otto. Robert the man received Robert the doll from a servant skilled in black magic and voodoo, who bore a grudge against the family. His parents said that they often heard Eugene talking to the doll and that the doll seemed to be talking back. They also further alleged that the doll would often giggle; a claim that was validated by the family plumber. Neighbours saw the doll moved by itself across windows when the family was out. Guests also swore that the doll changed expressions in front of them. Eugene often blamed knocked over furniture, broken pots and other mysterious phenomenon on the doll. He died in 1974, subsequent to which the doll was left in the attic till the house was bought again. The daughter in the new family was often heard screaming and she claimed that the doll was trying to attack her in the night. The doll is currently placed at the Fort East Martello Museum. Legend has it that in order to take a picture of the doll, one must ask it politely and failing to do so will lead to the doll cursing the person and his family.

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