10 Horror Movies That Defined The Last 10 Years

10. Saw (2004)

Nowadays, Saw is generally frowned upon as one of those franchises that ran itself into the ground through a series of inane and increasingly preposterous sequels (believe it or not, there are plans for an eighth movie in the works at this very moment). Still, Saw's - let's face it - gargantuan legacy cannot be argued with; here's the low-budget flick that single-handily ushered in a new wave of super violent horror movies. Indeed, Saw birthed the now derided sub-genre of horror movies known under the derogatory banner of "torture porn," whereby human beings are killed off, one by one, in gloriously detailed and horrifically bloody ways. And it's the slow burning nature of said deaths that defined Saw, its sequels, and the countless imitators that Hollywood rolled out to cash in on the craze. The original Saw, at least, was a good picture.
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