10 Horror Movies One Step From Perfection

10. Hush


Yes, there's no denying that Mike Flanagan has been having an incredibly impressive run in recent years.

From the grim Stephen King adaptation Gerald's Game, to the poignant Before I Wake, to his masterpiece Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House, the filmmaker has displayed a mastery of every horror sub genre from survival horror to fantasy horror to ghost stories.

(Look, 2019's misjudged Shining sequel Doctor Sleep is a well-earned mulligan).

And yes, his suspenseful slasher Hush wrings every ounce of tension from its ingenious premise of a deaf woman being stalked at her remote home by a masked abusive ex.

The film's simple conceit prompts all manner of tense set pieces, and the gradually rising tension is far more impressive than many entries into the genre which boast far higher kill counts.

But come on—the unlikely death of her gormless friend John near the film’s close is unintentionally funny in its implausibility, with the dude ex-machina essentially walking into the knife of a shorter, less intimidating man because the story needs him to. It's an implausible scene which saps the energy from the film's last act via a character who could have been cut, or at least cast with a less imposing actor.

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