10 Horror Movies So Sad You Can Only Watch Them Once

Never again...

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The same words are regularly used to describe horror. "Spine-chilling." "Heart-pounding." "I was scared out of my seat."

Rarely does anyone describe a slasher or a supernatural feature as "sad". This is ironic, considering most movies in the genre involve A LOT of people dying. After you've seen innocent civilians being tortured, murdered, and dismembered, how can you not feel despondent?

Now, there are some horror films that are legendary for their depressing nature. Rosemary's Baby. The Fly. Frankenstein. Although these stories are guaranteed to smack you right in the feels, you enjoy them enough to watch again and again.

But there are certain films that are so heart-destroying, you will NEVER re-watch them under any circumstances. I Saw the Devil, The Devil's Backbone and Pet Sematary left you so utterly devoid of hope and joy, you have no impulse to relive that experience for as long as you live. Depending on what movie it is, you mightn't be able to make it through a single viewing!

Even if you enjoyed the entries on this list, it's highly unlikely you'll give them another shot.

10. Wolf Creek

speak no evil
Roadshow Films/Dimension Films

Wolf Creek opens with a group of backpackers, Liz, Kristy, and Ben, making their way through the Outback. When their car runs out of power, they fear they might be be stuck in the desert for the night.

Their prayers are seemingly answered when friendly bushman Mick Taylor appears and agrees to tow their vehicle to his camp. After Mick entertains the three of them with some anecdotes, he encourages them to share a drink.

When the three friends wake up, they realise Mick drugged their water, tied them up, and intends to kill them. Mick has his wicked way with the trio, having them tortured, raped, maimed, paralysed, and crucified. What's worse is Kristy learns by watching Mick's camcorder that he's performed these same sick acts on others who had the misfortune of crossing his path.

Upon your first (and probably only viewing), you naturally expect one of the characters to kill Mick before alerting the authorities of his crimes. Sadly, Wolf Creek is not that kind of movie. Although Ben manages to escape, the girls are never found and Mick seemingly vanishes off the face of the Earth.

Upon seeing this epilogue, you can't help feeling sick to your stomach. Not only were these innocent backpackers killed in the most brutal way possible, their tormentor got away scot-free.


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