10 Horror Movies Starring Game Of Thrones Actors You Need To See

You know you want to see Jason Mamoa as a cannibal king!

Natalie Dormer The Forest
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"For the night is dark and full of terrors."

The cast of the hit show Game of Thrones was utterly packed with charismatic actors, who have all gone on to impact the industry significantly. Whether it's in movies, stage plays or other television productions, it seems that there are very few members of the team who haven't found success post-Westeros.

The series itself was a unique look at its genre full of macabre and thrilling moments, which made it feel more like a horror movie than a fantasy TV show at times. Having retained some dark and scary experience, it is no surprise that a tonne of the actors involved in the show signed on to play parts in well-made horror flicks.

Not every title that the GOT cast have lent their names to have been winners, but the following entries are fantastic examples of the right projects to have worked on. If you consider yourself to be a fan of GOT and a horror nut, then you need to grab a copy of the following video nasties and give them a watch.

10. Bloodsucking Bastards

Natalie Dormer The Forest
Scream! Factory

Sometimes, all you need from a horror movie is a little bit of fun. While this film doesn't entirely deliver on scares, it does give its viewers an absolute thrill ride full of gore, violence and all the things that make horror fun, and playing a significant role in the movie is Game of Thrones' very own Oberyn Martell, Pedro Pascal.

The film is based around an office environment that is suddenly overrun with a dangerous case of vampirism due to a new arrival to the scene. Pascal clearly has an absolute blast playing this antagonistic role, as he relishes in the absurdity of the movie and helps deliver upon the fun tone.

Despite being a harmless and irreverent Vampire flick, the film addresses a fascinating look at how a true modern version of the blood-sucking creatures would behave. The office setting allows for a truly contemporary vision of the mythology and presents a unique aesthetic for the creature feature.

The title makes it appear utterly wild, but the film focusses a lot on the character dynamics and confined office space, giving it an exciting and claustrophobic edge.


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