10 Horror Movies That Dared To Kill Kids

9. Jaws - Dun Dun...

Stephen Spielberg took an effective film score and an underwater POV camera and created what is considered to be the very first summer blockbuster. Everyone has seen Jaws, and virtually everyone who has seen it usually harbors some trepidation about taking a dip in the ocean for a long while after viewing.

The film often implies horrible deaths at the 'jaws' of one of nature’s most efficient killing machines. However in the case of a young boy named Alex Kitner, we witness the attack first hand.

In the film, despite Sheriff Brody’s protests, the beaches are kept open for tourists despite fear of a killer shark stalking the water. Unfortunately this means Alex, who is just enjoying a day at the beach, is viciously attacked. Audiences catch glimpses of the boy being whipped around by something beneath the surface, while the ocean water is tinted red with blood. It’s a brutal scene that is even more scarring than *spoiler alert* Quint’s death, mainly because Bruce looks super fake during the entire scene.

It’s worth mentioning that this film was rated PG (yes we know the PG-13 rating wasn’t established yet). To put it in perspective, the 2015 Pixar film Inside Out was also rated PG.


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