10 Horror Movies That Gave Fans EXACTLY What They Wanted (And They Hated It)

"The Scream franchise needs to kill off a major character," the masses moaned...

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

Fans, eh? At time, regardless of what our fandom is for, we can be a truly fickle, fickle bunch. You're likely guilty of it, your writer here is for sure guilty of it, and the masses are undoubtedly guilty of it.

There are those times over the years, where a fanbase has stomped its collective feet at demanding to see certain things happen, only to then react with disgust when they get their purported prayers answered. Here, of course, the attention is on such instances happening within the murky world of horror movies.

Many a horror offering has tried its best to give moviegoers what they'd asked for, and likewise there has been so much anticipation and excitement at the prospect of being given exactly what you wanted or something that you thought simply wasn't possible. Then? Well, then comes a swift kick of disappointment to the nether-regions.

Whether it's because audiences didn't really think through what they'd asked for, or maybe it's because what they got was merely a shell of what was expected, here are ten such examples of horror hounds being left bemused, frustrated or outright angry at finally being given what they'd hoped for.

10. Freddy Vs. Jason Finally Happens... Without Kane Hodder

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer
New Line Cinema

From the moment Freddy Krueger first stalked his way to the silver screen in 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street, horror hounds were immediately weighing up what would happen if Robert Englund's Krueger found himself stepping up to face the likes of Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees.

For as long as there's been horror cinema, audiences have forever pondered similar such questions. Could Dracula beat Frankenstein's monster? Could the Mummy beat the Creature from the Black Lagoon? With Freddy and Jason, this chatter surpassed merely fan conversations, and there were serious talks between New Line Cinema and Paramount Pictures as far as 1987 about having the Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises coming together.

Freddy vs. Jason finally hit cinema screens in 2003 - with New Line eventually acquiring the rights to the Friday the 13th IP - but there was one major problem. It wasn't just Freddy Krueger vs. Jason Voorhees that fans wanted, as part of the anticipation of such a war was to see horror favourites Robert Englund and Kane Hodder tearing it up together.

When it was announced that Hodder - who by that point had played Jason in the prior four movies - was being replaced for Ken Kirzinger, fans were left flabbergasted.

While Freddy vs. Jason was largely well received as a fun popcorn horror picture, there was - and still is - huge disappointment to this day that Kane Hodder was left on the sidelines as these behemoths squared off.


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